The Block and the Blessing

Are you Blocking your Blessing?

We all have certain issues blocking us from feeling happy, joyous and free. Whether it’s procrastination, anxiety, blaming others, or a simple attitude problem – we have issues that need to get squashed in order to feel free again! The problem is the pain we face when healing an issue. There aren’t many people striving for character building. It’s not something we look forward to normally.

 Recently, I faced an issue of feeling insecure, antisocial and my inner introvert was screaming so loudly that I was having major issues. I wasn’t able to clean my house, get out of bed, do laundry or show up for important things like friends’ wedding, girls night outs, or pay my bills on time.

Something needed to happen.

I needed to break through this like ASAP.

I needed victory. I needed to make a decision to make a change.

 Here are the steps I took to bust through my blocks.

 1: I chose to identify the issues.

I was feeling so uncomfortable. I hadn’t intentionally stepped into my prayer closet and gotten real with God. The pain of feeling alone, sad, and uncomfortable with life began to be unbearable and I knew there was no other way than to meet up with God.  So I asked myself some hard questions to help identify what was going on..

 A: Why am I REALLY upset?

B: Why am I feeling discomfort?

C: How can I overcome this??

The answer was simple: There was some part of my life I found unacceptable and I needed to Surrender.


2: I chose to Surrender my issues

When I let go of trying to control everything, God can come in and move! So I got real and prayed a prayer similar to this:

 "God, I am feeling really alone. I know it’s a lie so I need your truth right now. Show me where I need correction so I can heal from this issue of despair and loneliness. I repent. I cannot do this alone. I surrender my thinking and my actions – my will to you Lord. I trust that your will and ways are better than mine. I agree to let your will be done. Thank you for your grace as I transition through this process. Thank you for your love. I know Your  perfect love casts out all fear so I claim the victory right now! I take these thoughts captive in Jesus name! I come against the lies of the enemy and claim your Truth over my life right now! I declare freedom, redemption and joy! I choose to forgive the situation that caused me pain. Lord thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for what you did on the cross. I ask that you bless the rest of my day… give me peace as I face my day.. Help me to bless all those I come in contact with.. help them see you in me! I love you Lord!!! I ask all this in your Holy Name.. Hallelujah and Amen!!!"

 For me, it’s important to claim truth over myself. The Bible says words can speak life or death. SO when I proclaim the word of God over myself and situation, it will be healed...The same goes for you too if you believe it!

 3: I chose to Believe. 

 So here is where I take time to sit and listen. I position myself to expect God to show me the way through this block. I told Him, “I am not leaving here until I get the full victory” ...Believing that is a daily practice. When I believe I am healed, redeemed and victorious, it's easier to RECEIVE His perfect love.

 He let me know-- Victory comes when I take inspired action. So I got up and got to work. I showed up for someone else, to be of service to them. Then I worked on a few things that brought me joy. One of them was this blog. When I am being of service to those around me, I get out of the way and God comes in. Grace helps with this BIG TIME..  

4: Then lastly, I chose to receive. 

 When I think about receiving, I think of joy, abundance, freedom and all the happiness I can imagine. These are things freely given to us because we are children of God.

But what I didn't realize was I also needed to receive correction.

I needed a huge lesson in humility. 

Humility is: Being Teachable. Being a Happy Learner. 

These are great lessons to walk though. We will always learn something new. Whether we are building our relationships or our character, we need to strive to remain humble. The willingness to be teachable creates space in our lives for tons of new adventures and blessings!!! 

I hope these tips help you on your journey to bust through your blocks to receive your blessing! Let me know how this message serves you in the comment section below! I'd love to hear from you!